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One of the main areas of work of the bureau is the technical translation of texts [url=]Test Certificates [/url]
We provide services in Moscow and cooperate with hundreds of companies and private clients [url=]Technical Translation [/url]
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The costs depend on the urgency of the translation, the amount of material to be translated, the need for related services, and the requirements for translation [url=]technical translation agency [/url]
Comprehensive translation service at KGTC allows you to minimize not only the cost of translating technical documentation, but also the terms of translation [url=]Technical Translation Services Uk [/url]

Only a written translation will guarantee that the information received during the work will be recorded [url=]translation quotation [/url]
This means that technical translation data can be used more than once [url=]multilingual translation [/url]
If desired, you can refer to the entire text as a whole or work with a specific area [url=]expert technical [/url]
But in order to organize the text, it is important for a translator to be able to work not only with text editor programs [url=]photoshop translation [/url]
It also makes sense to master computer proofreading programs, graphic editors [url=]Technical Expertise [/url]
Indeed, often scientific and technical texts are not just a pile of proposals, they also include such graphic objects as graphs, tables [url=]photoshop translation [/url]
The text may contain formulas, detailed solutions to problems, and so on [url=]translation of technical documentation [/url]
The translator must be able to place all this in the text, making the source document as close as possible both in style and structure to the foreign language original [url=]traduction technique [/url]
Therefore, technical translation is often ordered not only by one specialist, but by a translation agency [url=]product catalogues [/url]
Because in addition to professionals who can be entrusted with the work on the text, translation agenciesyou can order the layout of the document to arrange graphic objects without distorting their meaning and appearance [url=]Engineering Translation [/url]

volume (when translating 5 pages, the cost of 1 translation page will be 450 rubles, and with a volume of 250 pages, 350 rubles per 1 translation page) you can see approximate calculations for the volume here
At the Technical Translation Bureau, thanks to KGTC, using the unique XTRF management system, we have combined these 2 approaches and canNow we want to offer our customers not just a good technical translation, but also a high-quality professional lighting translation [url=]translation supplier [/url]
By contacting us, you can be sure of the quality of the result!
Drug addiction treatment methods have changed little over the past few decades [url=]technical translation agency [/url]
At the moment, this disease is treated with blood purification and subsequent psychological help [url=]translator language [/url]
You can use hypnosis, but this method has not received an unequivocal assessment of experts [url=]technical translation services [/url]

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  • 2 weeks later...
A convicted murderer who failed to return to prison on Wednesday has been found, police have confirmed.

Jason Mills, 49, was being held in HMP Leyhill
near Thornbury in Gloucestershire.

He failed to return to the open facility after attending an appointment at Bridewell police station in Bristol city centre on Wednesday

Avon and Somerset Police put out an appeal on Thursday to track him down but warned
members of the public not to approach him. 

Jason Mills, pictured, failed to return to HMP Leyhill after a day release from the Gloucestershire prison. Mills, who murdered his 24-year-old girlfriend Toni
Mills, is serving a life sentence for the 2001 killing 

Mills failed to return to HMP Leyhill open prison, pictured,
following a period of day release

Avon and Somerset Police issued this appeal after
he failed to return to prison. Mills was arrested today close to Bristol's Temple
Meads station 

The force confirmed on Friday that he had been arrested by
British Transport Police close to Bristol Temple Meads,
the city's main train station.

Avon and Somerset Police thanked the public for sharing the appeal,
saying: "The public's support with our inquiries makes a significant difference."

Mills is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in 2001.

Issuing the original alert, an Avon and Somerset Police spokesperson said:
'Mills was convicted of a domestic murder in 2001.

He is known to have links to Essex, where the offence took






'I've been housed with paedophiles': Man, 41, who was jailed...

'Irresponsible' vegan soup advert featuring a NUDE male...

Married father-of-two British Army soldier, 41, accused of...

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'If you see Mills, please don't approach, call 999 quoting reference 5222081856,
or ring 101 with any other information.'

Mills had claimed his girlfriend died after suffering a fit, but a post mortem discovered
she suffered extensive internal and external bruising. 

Chelmsford Crown Court heard he was a 'dangerous young man'. 

Escort Bagneux France []
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  • 3 weeks later...
Invité Ronaldbaf
Символы у цемента “м400” в названии говорят о том, что он имеет устойчивость к осевому сжатию, равную 400 мПа
Иначе говоря, брусок, изготовленный из сможет выдержать давление груза весом в 400 килограмм на 1 см2
Буква “м”, стоящая перед числом “400”, расшифровывается как “марка”

После добавления жидкости (воды или нужного раствора) цемент становится вязким, а затем затвердевает
Из упомянутого материала производят бетон и особые строительные составы

Основные характеристики М400 зависят от тонкости помола
Этот фактор определяет скорость затвердевания и
Качество помола М400 подтверждается объемом остатка на сите: у портландцемента он не превышает 15 %

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